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What is SoundPLAN® Noise?  

 SoundPLAN® is a software suite created by professionals in  noise and air pollution engineering professionals working with  noise and air pollution scenarios. The software specialises in computer simulations of noise and air pollution situations. Noise modelling encompasses traffic noise, occupational noise indoors and outdoors, industrial noise and aircraft noise. More than 50 calculation standards are implemented to satisfy the needs of noise control engineers and environmental consultants.

SoundPLAN® Essential ?

 SoundPLAN essential is the single document application for  environmental noise planning of roads, railways and industrial  facilities. It was conceived with the occasional user in mind who may not have in-depth knowledge of acoustics and want results in the smallest amount of time with the maximum amount of professionalism. It is a compact version of SoundPLAN Professional, based on its calculation core and having its power, fast data processing and striking graphics.

SoundPLAN® Support:

SoundPLAN® is distributed and supported in Africa by Mackenzie Hoy Consulting Engineers. All SoundPLAN users with Update and Maintenance (U+M) Licenses will have access to full technical support for all problems or queries. U+M users also receive all SoundPLAN version updates which are released while their software license is current.

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